Infectious - problems with poop and encephalitis; Pregnant women - at a stage close to childbirth; Psychiatric - manic, suicidal and drug addicts (including drunks).
Patients get to the doctor in different ways: through an ambulance, independently or along a chain of referrals from other doctors, which makes it possible to divide them into several groups.
Patients are a large group of people who are tired of living a quiet life and suddenly need treatment. Since problems of this kind are by definition related to life and health, there are specially trained people living in hospitals to solve them.

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The most interesting, but also the most dangerous group in all respects: at any moment they can do something bad: throw themselves at you with a knife, give birth to a child or even die, therefore, in such cases, an ambulance and emergency methods of help are used.

These people most likely have something sore or flushed, but not too painful to call an ambulance. And it's too lazy to go to the doctor, which translates fresh planned patients into the category of latecomers, for example, with stage 4 cancer. Despite this, in general, the most fertile group of patients gathers here, since it is among them that one can find unreleased cases that are not ready to just lie back and are amenable to treatment.

The group stands after the acute ones, because their condition is in no hurry, and before the chronicles, because something can still be done with the planned ones: Surgical - the most planned of the planned patients, since surgery is needed either here and now, or you can create a queue for a year or two.

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ivermectin pills is also here, since operations are frequent, they are planned, and the rest of the treatment does not really reach the chronic one.

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Chronicles live to get sick - although chronic diseases do not imply a cure, this does not stop patients from devoting their lives to fighting them in all known ways, instead of the recommendations of a competent doctor. They can be conditionally divided into disabled people and working people: the former are doomed to suffer from the state, the latter from work; together they make up the people who provide work for 95% of Russian doctors, although a couple of outpatient general practitioners could manage.

Dermatologists, urologists, and gynecologists work by analogy. Psychos - a wide range of diseases of the soul and the frequency of their occurrence have given birth in our homeland to a huge network of entertainment psychiatric institutions with a separate blackjack budget and unique specifics: fresh patients are usually taken away in a straitjacket to a fool, where they are made chronic and returned home under the supervision of IPA to swallow pills ... In successful cases, people continue to live and enjoy the prescribed antidepressants. Psychotherapists (who are also all psychiatrists) stand separately, for good money they speak of ailments in the mournful chapters of their patients.

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Ivermectin - the main part of the chronicle goes to the therapist, with which he must fight a little. In his hands, at best, there are only the latest guides for correcting heterogeneous conditions and a fresh pharmaceutical reference book, and with the help of only these items he must convince hordes of dementy grannies to correctly take the right wheels with practically no effect, since the main effect of his work is secondary prevention

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Nervous - in neurology, everything is much simpler: they are either elderly patients with something fundamentally incurable; or young, but for 10 years suffering from bullshit without going to the doctor.

After going to a doctor (depending on qualifications), they become either happy healthy people, or replenish the army of healed pseudo-chronicles.

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A subspecies that we inherited from the USSR: millions of people with non-existent diagnoses who are "treated" by non-working methods from unqualified "specialists".